Thorndon Country Park

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Thorndon Country Park
1 One of the reasons we chose this location was because of the weather and how it affects the woods. As we are going to be filming in around December time, then we have decided that in terms of solemness, this is the best possible location. The wooded area will create low key lighting which we will need in our film in order to make it more thrilling.
2 We will film at a time where there will not be a lot of disturbance, as this is the least busy out of the other possible locations that we looked at. Thorndon is less active in the mornings than King George's, therefore to achieve the best results, Thorndon is the best possible location to do so, without getting disturbed or distracted.
3 Lastly, the denseness of the trees and the sparseness of the leaves will create the perfect setting for what we are aiming for. It will give us plenty of opportunity for characters to hide (if needs be) and also will create a sense of mystery because the audience will want to know what is lurking in the woods
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