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equiptment list for my film

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Equipment List
1 When filming our opening scene, we will want the best quality camera possible. We will use a HD camera so that we can achieve the best results that we can. This will make our film look more professional and give it a sophisticated look, so that our film can be taken more seriously, rather than having poorer quality and it not looking as good.
2 We will need a tripod to put our camera on to achieve different camera angles and effects. When we are not filming hand held, we will want to put the camera on a tripod so that it is steady and not all over the place in order to get the best effects when filming. By having different camera work in our film, it will make it more enticing and thrilling for our audience.
5 By having the highest quality equipment, this will hopefully allow us to get the best results for our film which we are aiming for. We only want to use the least amount of equipment possible for a variety of reasons. The first is because it is only the opening scene so we do not want to over complicate anything by using a lot of different equipment, the second is because we do not actually need a lot of equipment in order to shoot our film as we are aiming for a simplistic yet effective
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