Slim character analysis

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Slim character analysis
1 Tall '(A man stood in the doorway', Big tall skinner')
1.1 This symbolises that he is respected on the ranch and is quite authorative
2 'His hands, large and lean were as delicate in their action as those of a temple dancer'
2.1 This shows that he is not only big and authoritative but he is also approachable, gentle and caring.
3 'He dont need no high heel boots'
3.1 This shows his high status and how he has earned his respect so doesnt need to prove himself.
4 Slim drowns four of his pups and keeps the biggest which shows how it is the survival of the fittest and it is a harsh punishment for those who arent the fittest.
5 Ranch workers respect him because he seems sincere and wise
5.1 'His tone was friendly. It invited confidence without demanding it'
5.1.1 The word inviting makes him seem welcoming and someone who the ranch workers would trust with their secrets.
6 Slim is present at every crucial point in the story; the death of Candy's dog, the smashing of Curley's hand, finsing Curley's wifes' body, at the poole after George has shot Lennie. In each case there is violence or the threat of it. Eaqch time Slim helps make the decision to do what is right.
7 He has a non negotiable power and importance
7.1 'there was gravity in his manner... all talk stopped when he spoke'
7.1.1 The word 'gravity' shows that he is always there to bring people back into perspective much like gravity- it is an unchangeable force.
8 He understands that people have to make decisions so he is supportive and wise in his manner.
8.1 'Understanding beyond thought'
8.1.1 He realises things instinctively
9 There is a sense of mystery to Slim as we don't know much else about him.
9.1 He could be seen as a representation in the microcosm which Steinbeck created of a level headed fairly normal guy.
10 He is a detached figure who observes Lennie's and George's relationship
10.1 Steinbeck uses Slim to reveal a great deal about his relations with Lennie, and to describe incidents from their past.
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