Is Antonio truly the kindest gentleman to tread the earth?

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A mind map related to Shakespeares's "The Merchant of Venice"

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Is Antonio truly the kindest gentleman to tread the earth?
  1. For
    1. He is extremely generous and is willing to give everything he has to his friend
      1. "My purse, my person, my exremest means lie all unlocked to your occasions" - Antonio Act 1 scene 1
      2. He sacrifices himself for his friend to be happy
        1. " let the forfeit be nominated for an equal pound Of your fair flesh, to be cut off and taken In what part of your body pleaseth me" - Shylock Act 1 scene 3
        2. He does not charge interest when he lends money
          1. "He lends out money gratis and brings the rate of usance here with us in Venice" - Shylock Act 1 scene 3
          2. He is an honest man that keeps his word
            1. "Most heartily I do beseech the court To give the judgment" - Antonio Act 4 scene 1
              1. This makes him respectable
            2. He shows a small amount of mercy to his enemy
              1. He refuses to take Shylock's life when it is offered to him
                1. Shows he is not completely ruthless to Shylock
            3. Against
              1. He abuses Shylock
                1. He calls him terrible names to insult him
                  1. "Mark you this, Bassanio, The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose" - Antonio Act 1 scene 3
                  2. He publicly humiliates him
                    1. "You call me misbeliever, cutthroat dog, And spet upon my Jewish gaberdine... You, that did void your rheum upon my beard And foot me as you spurn a stranger cur Over your threshold!" - Shylock Act 1 scene 3
                    2. He takes everything he has from him
                      1. "To quit the fine for one half of his goods I am content, so he will let me have The other half in use to render it Upon his death unto the gentleman That lately stole his daughter" - Antonio Act 4 scene 1
                      2. He makes him convert to Christianity
                        1. "that for this favor He presently become a Christian" - Antonio Act 4 scene 1
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