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Shelbie Carr
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3rd grade Reading Mind Map on Koalas, created by Shelbie Carr on 02/13/2017.

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  1. Habitat
    1. Australia


      • If you ever head to Australia, here's a website of where to visit koalas! https://www.savethekoala.com/about-koalas/where-to-see-koalas-australia 
      1. Forest Regions
        1. High up in trees
        2. Also lives in low woodlands and coastal islands
        3. Social Structure
          1. Extremely Lazy
            1. Slow Metabolism
              1. 18-22 hours of doing nothing
                1. Sleep
                2. Aggressive
                  1. Hate others invading their territory
                    1. Bite each other
                      1. Seen in small squabbles
                      2. Isolated
                        1. All have 1 tree to themselves
                          1. Only interact when looking for food
                        2. Humans and Koalas
                          1. Highways


                            • An article posted 6 months ago regarding a highway being built that could potentially kill up to 200 koalas. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/koala-deaths-pacific-highway-australia_us_57c1e281e4b085c1ff29a9f6
                            1. Highways intrude on habitats
                              1. Cars strike many Koalas out looking for food
                              2. Pets
                                1. Illegal for people to keep koalas as pets
                                  1. No reports of people being attacked by them
                                  2. Fur coats
                                    1. Koalas fur used to make coats for humans
                                      1. Thick fur provides warmth in coats
                                    2. Feeding
                                      1. Spend 5 hours a day eating
                                        1. Mainly at night
                                        2. Eucalyptus Trees


                                          • Watch the cute koala eat the Eucalyptus leaves :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_afJJF1LmQ
                                          1. Chew on leaves for long time to turn into pasty substance
                                            1. Have little nutritional value
                                              1. High in fiber
                                                1. Low in protein
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