On the move, forces

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On the move, forces
1 Force Is measured in N Nutons
2 Pressure is measured in Pa Pascals
3 The Fist aeroplane flighs where by the Wright brothers.
3.1 It lasted 12 seconds, and only reached 3 meters high.
3.2 The First car was built in 1796 in France by Nicholas Cugnot. It went about 2 miles an hour.
4 A modern snowmobile, its catrpillar track are wide so, they do not sink into the ground and so they can go fast.
5 There are other uses of transport that are not as obvious. EG, Electricity is generated in power stations
5.1 These all need transport to build
5.1.1 Without power stations, noting would really work
6 Water and Air Resistance are types of drag.
6.1 Knower days, they design car and other vehicles more streamlines so then they can go faster and while using less petrol.
6.1.1 More streamlined it is , less drag on the object Cars have deflectors on the top to get the air particles just to bounce off them. Athletes often to the same for being as streamlined as possible
7 Lorries travelling at a steady speed, has a balanced force
7.1 To balance it out, the engine pushes it along
7.1.1 If there is less drag, the lorry will not need such a big force form the engine.
8 Wind can take affect on a moving object
8.1 This is called drag
8.1.1 The faster / stronger the wind, the slower you are made to go
9 Pressure effects everything
10 A piece of metal that can attract other metals is a magnet
10.1 This is called magnetism
10.1.1 Magnets only can attract certain types on metals These are Iron, NIckel and Cobalt Steel is a mixture of mostly iron, so it is a magnetic material too
11 An Electromagnet is a magnet made using electricity
11.1 It is a magnet with electricity curret flowing through it
11.1.1 The North and South poles of n electromagnet depend on which way the current is flowing through the wires You can increase the strength of an electromagnet by Increasing the number of coils of wire Increasing the current in the wire Using a magnetic material for the core
12 All different forms of transport need to be controlled, so they stay safe
12.1 Aeroplanes are controlled using special flaps on the wings and on the tail.
12.1.1 The Attitude describes how much the plane is tilted compared to the horizon
12.2 Ailerons are the pit at the end of the wings
12.2.1 The Ailerons are used to tilt the aeroplane from side to side
13 Forces can move objects by turning them around a pivot or fulcrum.
13.1 A long lever and par which you push down on one side you are applying an effort and the object on the other end, the object then moves up
14 A lever is used as a force multiplier
14.1 A small effort force has to move through a greater distance than a multipliers force
15 We use transport for many things, but not all of these are necessary
15.1 Almost all transport need a fossil fuel to power it
15.1.1 Burning fossil fuels is not sustainable, because we are using up non - renewable energy resources and contributing to global warming

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