Population Change

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Population Change
1 Why population is growing rapidly
1.1 Reduction in the death rate in Lic UN estimated opop will reach 9 billion by 2050 60% in asia 20% in africa and 9% in south america
1.2 Population will change in future more in Lics and MiC in 1900 70% of world pop lived in LIC's and MIC's rose to 80% in 2000 and will rise to 90% in 2050
2 Distribution of global population
2.1 High: Areas rich in resources, job oppurtunity stable government, low land, temperate climates
2.2 Low: Limited job oppurtunity, low in resources, low job oppurtunity government, unstable government, mounatinous land extreme climates
3 Birth and death rates
3.1 Major reason for pop change birth rate is number of live babies born in a year for every 1000 people in the population. death rate is the number of people in every 1000 who die each year. natural increase is difference between birth and death rate expressed as percentage birth rate - death rate /10
3.2 What causes change
3.2.1 Medical in HIC's new treatments are being invented to combat diseases leading to longer lives dramatically decreased infant mortality in LIC's
3.2.2 Economic: Costly to bring up kids in HIC's
3.2.3 Social: Women knowledge on fertility increases time spent in school and further education greater chance of full time career delays child bearing age
3.2.4 Political: China and India intorduced family planning programmes others worry about the oppisite
4 Demographic Transition Model
4.1 Stage 1: Stage where birth and death rate very high no country only most poorest socities little access to birth control, die in infancy, kids need to work, religious belief high death rate
4.2 Stage 2: High birth rate death rate falls rapidly many LIC in stage caused by improvents in medical care, improvements in sanitation and water supply, quality and quantit of food produced improves, transport and communciatoins,
4.3 Stage 3: Birth rate fall rapidly death rate continue to fall many Nic's in stage japan increased access in contracepption lower infant mortality
4.3.1 Stage 4: Both birth and death rate remain low fluctuating with baby booms and epidemic of illnesses and diseases HIC USA Stage 5: Death rate higher than birht rate natural decrease such as Germany

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