Chinese Immigration Act

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Chinese Immigration Act
1 Chinese Exclusion Act(1882)
1.1 First Law to restrict immigration in the United States
1.1.1 The act was passed by the congress and signed by president Chester A.Arthur in May 6th 1882
2 Chinese Immigration Act(1885-1947)
2.1 Canadians copied the Americans idea for the Chinese exclusion act
2.1.1 Chinese were the first ethnic origin to have restrictions from coming into Canada Federal government made restrictions on the Chinese The chinese had to pay a $50 fee to get into Canada, which was a big difference to the usual $10 Chinese Immigration Act (1923-1947) 1923 the immigration act was signed by prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King In response to more demand of limiting the amount of chinese immigration July 1,1923 was the day when they established that Chinese were not allowed to enter Canada unless you were a merchant, diplomats, student attending college or university, or a foreign exchange students Chinese Canadians referred to July First as the day of shame The Chinese Immigration Act restricted the Chinese from immigrating into Canada Chinese found loopholes to still get in and caused the whites to be angry for this act, causing the Chinese to not come into Canada unless they met a really narrow set of requirements Had to pay an entrance fee of $500 The urge for Chinese Immigration Act mostly came from British Columbia but received support from across Canada Post war problems were blamed on the Chinese because they were a visible minority Chinese immigration fraud increased the urge for the Chinese to have a limit from coming into Canada. Chinese labourers said they were students to avoid entry fee The act was cancelled in 1947 because of the charter of rights Once the act was taken away there was still a law that said all immigrants have to be 18 or over. July 22 2006 Stephen Harper was the first to apologize for the Chinese Immigration Act The law wasn’t fair it only excluded the chinese
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