The End of the War

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The End of the War
1 War OVER - November 1918
1.1 USA joined the Allies in 1917
1.1.1 Sent one division at first but more the next year
1.1.2 German commander Ludendroff tried one more big attack before the increase in Allied troops The Ludendroff Offensive - they attacked several points along the line of the enemy trenches at the same time The Allies counter-attacked by from different sides and used tanks to push the German back through France towards Germany An armistice caused them to stop before the German reached Germany
1.2 Trench warfare worn Germany down. They couldn't carry on and so asked for an armistice to be signed on the 11th November
1.2.1 The peace treaty (Versailles) was signed in June 1919
2 'The War to End all Wars'...?
2.1 Many felt that politicians and authority figures couldn't be trusted anymore after they tried to hide information about the war
2.1.1 People even thought that the generals had been being incompetent and didn't care about the loss of life
2.2 Did upper class dominate society?
2.3 Soldiers returned home to unemployment and poverty - what had they been fighting for?
2.4 Loss of young men had unbalanced society
2.5 People still wanted revenge on the Germans
2.6 There were some positive outcomes: the feeling of victory and attitudes to women and the poor had improved
2.7 Lloyd George was re-elected Prime Minister in December 1918

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