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1 Ugly language
1.1 "the dwarf" is derogatory language
1.2 "sat slumped like a half filled sack".
1.2.1 alliteration and comparison suggests not human
1.3 "eyes wept pus".
1.4 "lopsided mouth".
2 Hypocrisy of church
2.1 "the three teirs of churches built in honour of Assissi"
2.2 "how clever it was of Giotto to make his frescos tell stories".
2.2.1 comment loaded with cynicism as church ignores message
2.3 "reveal to the illiterate the goodness of God."
3 isolation
3.1 contrast with "rush of tourist, clucking contentedly"
3.2 "It was they who had passed the ruined temple outside".
4 Social injustice
4.1 "fluttered after him as he scattered the grain of the Word".
5 Beggar painted as ugly inside
5.1 ruined temple
6 Beggar is beautiful
6.1 "said Grazie in a voice as a sweet as a a child's when she speaks to her mother"

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