Air Quality

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So here's a mind map showing just the basic things you need to know about the air - it's my first mind-map so sorry it's a bit rubbish :) Feel free to leave comments and opinions below x

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Air Quality
1 Atmosphere
1.1 Clean Air
1.1.1 78% Nitrogen
1.1.2 21% Oxygen
1.1.3 1% other gases
1.2 Harmful substances
1.2.1 Sulphur dioxide (SO2)
1.2.2 Nitrogen Monoxide (NO)
1.2.3 Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Charlotte
2 4.5 billion years ago
2.1 The Earth was a very volcanic and violent place
2.2 Atmosphere mainly consisted of carbon dioxide and water vapour
2.2.1 This was because volcanoes kept releasing these
2.3 Later, temperatures began to cool and oceans were formed and firsts signs of life existed, the rest is a mystery
3 Greenhouse gas effect
3.1 It is when heat enters the atmosphere and stays trapped in greenhouse gases and therefore warm up the earth
3.2 Natural greenhouse gases
3.2.1 Water vapour, carbon dioxide,nitrous oxide, methane and ozone are all types of greenhouse gases
3.3 Man-made greenhouse gases
3.3.1 These are constantly increasing in the atmosphere due to human activities such as burning fossil fuels
4 Acid Rain
4.1 Rain that is acidic (has a pH below 7)
4.2 How's it made?
4.2.1 1. Acid gases enter the atmosphere
4.2.2 2. Acid gases dissolve moisture in the air
4.2.3 3. Clouds cool and produce Acid rain
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