RS -Religion and Planet Earth

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Created by hannahgilmour over 5 years ago
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RS -Religion and Planet Earth
1 Christian beliefs
1.1 God created the universe and all life in it
1.2 Life is precious and a gift from God - Sanctity of life
1.3 God gave humans authority over the Earth and all living things
1.4 Stewardship - we are all stewards and responsibility to take care of the Earth
1.5 Religious and scientific ideas about creation can work together
1.6 Religious people support Earth Summits and charities that work to protect the environment
2 Buddhist beliefs
2.1 There is no Buddhist creation story
2.2 The Buddha thought questions about how the Earth started were idle speculation.
2.3 Buddhists do believe that the universe is a single living organism
2.4 All parts of the natural world depends on each other so humans shouldn't do anything to harm nature
2.5 Compassion, right action and right intention can be used in this situation
3 Religious quotes
3.1 'In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth'
3.2 'Sanctity of life'
3.3 'And God said...and let them have dominion...over all the earth'

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