How did Hitler establish a police state?

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Created by ShreyaDas over 5 years ago
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How did Hitler establish a police state?
1 SS
1.1 fiercely loyal to Hitler
1.2 destroy opposition
1.3 carry out racial purification
1.4 Nazi Police
1.5 50,000 members
2 Gestapo
2.1 arrested anyone critisicing the Nazis without trisl
2.2 people either got tried and sent to camps or just sent to camps
2.3 150,000 people under protective arrest
3 Law Courts
3.1 Nationa Socialist League of Nations of Law
3.2 all judges had to join league
3.2.1 only allowed to enter if you were Nazi
3.2.2 no fair trial for opposition
3.3 New People's Court
3.3.1 tried for treason harsh sentences
4 Concentration Camps
4.1 People were afraid of being sent: obeyed law
4.2 set up in isolated areas where "undesirable people" were sent
4.3 harsh discipline
4.4 unpaid labour for war effort
4.5 Dakau 1934

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