Blood & Circulation

Scott Church
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GCSE Triple Biology (Blood & Circulation) Mind Map on Blood & Circulation, created by Scott Church on 05/08/2013.

Scott Church
Created by Scott Church over 6 years ago
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Blood & Circulation
1 Red Blood Cells
1.1 Contain no nucleus (doesn't have a dip in the centre)> more oxygen carried
1.2 Large surface area compared to volume > oxygen close to surface
2 Platelets
2.1 Platelets clot the blood after a wound > prevents infection and blood loss
2.2 People with haemophilia have a faulty gene that codes for the clotting process
3 White Blood Cells
3.1 Larger than red blood cells, flexible shape to help engulf disease organism
3.2 Protects against infection by digesting harmful microbes, bacteria digested inside WBC
3.3 Able to squeeze out of capillaries to defend different tissues
3.4 Has a dip in the centre and has a nucleus
4 Plasma
4.1 Contains mostly water, dissolved food, urea, hormones and carbon dioxide
4.2 Pale yellow fluid carries blood cells, useful and waste substances around the body through blood vessels
5 Arteries = Away
5.1 Arteries have thick walls because the blood pressure is very high. They also have thick elastic walls
6 veINs = IN
7 Capillaries = Small cells
8 Valves = Open and close to let blood through and to prevent back flow
9 Heart is made out of muscle
10 Capillaries take blood to small cells
11 The heart has a double circulation, meaning blood can be pumped to the lungs and body at the same time
12 Pulmonary Artery > Carries blood from the heart to the lungs
13 Aorta (Artery) > Carries blood from heart to body
14 Pulmonary Vein > Carries blood from lung to heart
15 Vena Cava (Vein) > Carries blood from body to heart

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