The Nervous System

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GCSE Triple Biology (The Nervous System) Mind Map on The Nervous System, created by Scott Church on 05/09/2013.

Scott Church
Created by Scott Church over 6 years ago
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The Nervous System
1 Sense
1.1 Sight
1.1.1 Smell Hearing Touch Taste
2 Stimulus
2.1 Light
2.1.1 Chemicals in air Vibration of air particles Heat & Pressure Chemicals in food
3 Preceptor
3.1 Eye
3.1.1 Nose Ear Skin Tongue
4 Conscious action:We must think about it, involves the brain (Picking up a £20 note on the floor)
5 Reflex action: doesn't involve brain, only uses central nervous system (Moving hand if touched a hot plate)
5.1 Rapid
5.2 Automatic
5.3 Protective
6 Neurone-The pathway an impulse follows 'the nerves'
6.1 Receptor- What you are responding to the stimulas
6.1.1 Stimulas-What you are responding to Response-The action you do Effector-What brings about the response Synapse-The gap between neurones
7 Stimulas (Stimulates) > Receptor (Sensory Neurone)(Electrical impulses) > Central Nervous System (Relay Neurone)(Neurotransmitter (gas) produced and diffuses across synapse)(Only important) > (Motor Neurone) Effector > Response
7.1 E.g Iris dilating/Contracting: Stimulus (Light) > Receptor (Eye) > Co-Ordinator (CNS) > Effector (Muscles in the iris) > Response (Iris dilating)
8 Eye: Cornea - Clear layer to protect inside of the eye
8.1 Lens - Focuses light onto the retina
8.1.1 Retina - Detects the light Optic nerve - Connection from eye to brain Sclera - Protects inside of the eye (white) Iris - The muscles that control the site of the pupil to let more or less light in Pupil - Entrance to the eye for light. Size is determined by the iris
9.1 CNS
9.2 CNS & NS
9.2.1 Spinal Cord Neurones
9.3 NS
9.3.1 Brain

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