Nazi and Churches

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Nazi and Churches
1 Protestants
1.1 Background
1.1.1 many Protestants voted for the Nazis
1.1.2 2/3 Germans protestants
1.2 initially some agreed with Nazis -- anti-Communist
1.3 Hitler united all protestant churches into one Reich Church
1.3.1 altar was a copy of Mein Kampf and a sword
2 German Faith Movement
2.1 neo-pagan
2.2 anti-catholic
2.3 worshipping Hitler and Nazis
3 Catholic Church
3.1 Church Concordat
3.1.1 signed in June 1933
3.1.2 Nazis wouldn't interfere with Church
3.1.3 Church wouldn't comment on politics
3.1.4 Bishop swore loyalty to Nazis
3.2 Catholics gave primary allegiance to Pope - Hitler wanted total control
3.3 Catholics had their own schools with their own values
3.4 supported Center Party - Hitler wanted to get rid of them
3.5 harrassed catholic priests that were critiscizing and sent some to concentration camps
3.6 eventually abolished schools and youth movements
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