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Lennie - Of mice and men


GCSE English Mind Map on Lennie - Of mice and men, created by Elinor Jones on 04/22/2014.
Elinor Jones
Mind Map by Elinor Jones, updated more than 1 year ago
Elinor Jones
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Lennie - Of mice and men
  1. Lennie relies on George for everything.
    1. George feels responsible for Lennies saftey, because Aunt Clara asked him to look after Lennie.
      1. At the beginning of the book, we see the side of George that doesn't want Lennie, and is stuck with him. At the end of the book, in the same spot we made this realisation, we see George shoot Lennie, but for different reasons than not wanting him.
      2. Lennie, a bit like a child, has a lot of innocence about him, and doesnt understand whats happening a lot of the time.
        1. This may also be a wrong impression of Lennie, because of him breaking Curley's hand, and also killing Curley's wife.
          1. George feels a sense of protection for Lennie, like a parent for a child.
            1. Slim: "He's jes' like a kid."
            2. "Me an' him goes ever' place together."
            3. Lennie, in one sense has no control, because he can't look after himself, and without George, would have probably died.
              1. But, in another sense, he has the most control, not just because of his strength, and ability to kill Curley's wife so easily, but his control over Georges, and Aunt Clara's lives.
              2. Appearance: He is "a huge man, shapeless of face... and he walked... the way a bear drags his paws. His arms... hung loosely."
                1. Compares him to an animal; he is simple, but can also be very dangerous. When George shoots him, it's like he's shooting his pet dog (forshadowed)
                2. Lennie doesn't mean to do harm. He just doesn't realise his own strength.
                  1. "I didn't want no trouble."
                  2. Lennie only sees something as 'good or 'bad', and has no moral judgement. How he sees things depends on what George will think of him.
                    1. " 'I done a real bad thing,' he said, 'I shouldn't have did that. George'll be mad.' "
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