Why Are Muslims Against Bullying?


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Why Are Muslims Against Bullying?
  1. Judgement Day
    1. Allah will judge Muslims on the way they lived their lives and this will determine whether they get into Heaven or not
      1. Bullying is a sin and those who bully and do wrong are punished
      2. The Qur'an teaches equality
        1. Allah created all humans equally and at the same time, so no person has superiority over another person
          1. "All men are equal… as the teeth of a comb." (Qur'an)
            1. Everyone should be shown respect as a part of Allah's creation
            2. Bullying is a form of injustice
              1. Muslims are taught to show compassion to the weak and suffering; like towards victims of bullying
                1. Injustice is wrong in Islam, and everyone deserves equal treatment so bullying is seen as wrong
                  1. Muslims are taught to fight injustice in the world, including bullying
                  2. The Brotherhood of Ummah
                    1. Every Muslim is a brother to another, regardless of race or age etc...
                      1. You wouldn't bully your brother, so why should you bully anyone else?
                      2. Muslims are instructed on how to treat others
                        1. Specific teachings of Islam teach Muslims how to treat different members of their family, like spouses, children, elderly relatives...
                          1. All these teachings direct Muslims to show respect and compassion to their family, not aggression
                          2. Muslims support anti-bullying charities
                            1. e.g Kidscape, Beatbullying
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