Christian Attitudes To War

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Christian Attitudes To War
1 Jesus never condemned the soldiers he met
1.1 Jesus praised a Roman soldier for his faith in Luke 7:1-10
2 Scenes like Auschwitz convince many Christians WWII was justified to put an end to the evil committed by the Nazis
3 Jesus said "Give Caesar what is Caesar's". Christians interpret this to mean following state orders is good, including fighting in a just war
4 "I'd say we can't ignore, in the great Christian tradition and in a world marked by sin, any evil aggression threatening to destroy not only many values, many people, but the image of humanity itself." Pope Benedict XVI
5 The Pope supports proportional violence
6 "...A father who sees his family attacked is duty-bound to defend them in every way possible" Pope Benedict XVI
7 "War and conflict have an impact on development. Crops are destroyed... people are forced to flee their homes... millions of people flee... for safety. [War] makes land unusable. Roads and bridges are shut/ destroyed, schools and clinics closed" CAFOD
8 Dietrich Bonhoeffer: "If the wheels of a cart were crushing people, instead of just bandaging its victims, you would jam a spoke in the wheels"
8.1 He was a priest in WW2, but after seeing the horror of what the Nazis were doing was involved in a plot to assassinate Hitler
8.1.1 He was executed three days before the war ended
9 CAFOD = Catholic Agency for Overseas Development
10 Quakers are pacifists
11 "Do not take revenge on someone who wrongs you. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek let him slap your left cheek too."- Jesus (Matthew 5:39)
12 the prince of peace is Jesus
13 the fact that most casualties in wars are civilians make the churches concerned about modern warfare e.g. bombs and nuclear weapons
14 Exodus 20: the ten commandments says "thou shalt not kill"
15 love thy naibourjhgkl aen I love kitty but now I must depart...
16 "Love thy neighbour" - Jesus.
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