Unit 1 The Online World Revision Mindmap

annette ashworth
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Mind Map on Unit 1 The Online World Revision Mindmap, created by annette ashworth on 04/24/2014.

annette ashworth
Created by annette ashworth over 5 years ago
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Unit 1 The Online World Revision Mindmap
1 Learning Aim A Online Services and communication
1.1 Online Services
1.1.1 Communication
1.1.2 Real time
1.1.3 Governmental
1.1.4 Educational
1.1.5 Entertainment
1.2 Online Advertising
1.2.1 Banners
1.2.2 Email marketing
1.2.3 Pay Per Click and Affiliates
1.2.4 Benefits and Drawbacks
1.3 Online Documents
1.3.1 Compressing files
1.3.2 How it works
1.3.3 Benefits and drawbacks
1.4 Ubiqitous Computing
1.4.1 RFID
1.5 Cloud Computing
1.5.1 Online Storage
2 Learning Aim B Components of the internet
2.1 The Internet
2.1.1 Internet Infrastructure Server Client Router Internet key terms
2.1.2 Internet Connection Methods Wireless Broadband Bandwidth and transmission rate Dial Up
2.1.3 World Wide Web HTML URL's Search Engines ISP
2.1.4 Email Benefits and Drawbacks Address book, CC, BCC, etc
2.2 Data Exchange
2.2.1 VOIP
2.2.2 Transmission methods UTP / STP Coaxial FibreOptic Infrared Microwave Satellite
2.2.3 Transmission modes Simplex Duplex Half Duplex Parallel and seriel transmission Server and client side processing
2.3 Data Storage
2.3.1 Database structure
2.3.2 Data Types
2.3.3 Relationships
2.3.4 Online Databases
2.3.5 DBMS
3 Learning Aim C Issues with operating online
3.1 Type of threats to data
3.1.1 Oppertunist threats
3.1.2 Viruses
3.1.3 Malware
3.1.4 Phishing
3.1.5 Accidental Damage
3.2 The Importance the security
3.3 Preventative and remedial actions
3.3.1 Physical barriers
3.3.2 Password control
3.3.3 Access levels
3.3.4 Anti virus Software
3.3.5 Firewalls
3.3.6 Encryption
3.3.7 Back up and recovery
3.4 Personal safety
3.4.1 Identity Theft

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