Why did Edward IV Win?

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A-level History - Medieval (Wars of the roses) Mind Map on Why did Edward IV Win?, created by jakecampling on 04/25/2014.

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Created by jakecampling over 5 years ago
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Why did Edward IV Win?
1 Duke of York
1.1 Gave Edward credibility
1.2 He had weakened the Lancs
1.3 Got the 1460 - act of accord
1.4 got the public support
1.5 Got warrick's support
2 Warrick's support
2.1 Most powerful noble
2.1.1 Massive army
2.2 Gave Edward credibility
2.3 Meant Warrick's allies would back Edward
2.4 Lancasterians tried to assasinate him
2.4.1 Must be important
2.5 Controlled Calais
3 Edward IV's qualities
3.1 Tall, strong, ect
3.2 A good fighter who led armies
3.2.1 Mortimers cross
3.3 Was far more king like than Henry IV
3.3.1 People would support him for the good of the country
4 Lancasterian decisions
4.1 Broke the act of accord
4.1.1 gave Edward more of a claim
4.1.2 Discredited the Lancs
4.2 Act of attainder
4.2.1 Forced the Yorkists to fight
4.3 Didn't take London in 1461
4.4 Mistakes that lost support of the nobles and the public
5 London's support
5.1 Feared the Lanc army
5.1.1 Believed they had been given permission to loot
5.2 Margerat had moved the court to the midlands
5.2.1 Less trade
5.3 They supported Edward
5.3.1 gave him money, men and cred
6 Henry VI's failures
6.1 Couldn't unite the nobles
6.1.1 Allowed it to escalate
6.2 Less king like the Edward
6.3 If he wasn't weak he would not be challanged
6.4 There had been weak kings before
6.5 He had been a bad king for 30 years
7 Towton
7.1 It was decisive
7.2 It was in the lanc's stronghold
7.2.1 the north
7.3 Gave Ed cred
7.4 Lots of Lanc nobles died

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