Matters Of Life

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Matters Of Life
1 Sanctity Of Life
1.1 Sanctity of Life is the idea that life is sacred & given to us by God, and this is believed by Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Jews. Since God created life no on has the right to destroy it.
1.2 Quality Of Life
1.2.1 People often consider the quality of the persons life. Will it be comfortabl and pain free? will they be able to live with dignity, respect and freedom? If not, then is it worth them living? A religious believer would ask if they'd be able to experience god and if they do it is a good Life. Quality of life is about whether or not they will be able to enjoy life to the fullest.
1.3 Value Of Life
1.3.1 Is the benefit of life worth the money which is being spent on it? For some it is seen from a finacial point of view. if the answer is no, then maybe so much time should no be spent in research and making it possible but some would say that life is more valuable than money
2 Fertility Treatment
2.1 IVF (in-vitro fertility Treatment) is a scientific method used to make a women pregnant without having sex. Conception occurs when the egg and sperm are placed into a test tube
2.2 Artificial Insemination is when the sperm is medically inserted into the womens vagina, to help her get pregnant
2.2.1 AIH (artificial Insemination by Husband) when a women is made pregnant by the sperm of her husband without having sexual intercourse. AID (artificial Insemination by Donor) when a women is made pregnant by the sperm of another man without having sexual intercourse Some People disagree with AID because: -the person is a stranger, it could be seen as adultry, It means unmarried women can have a child and bring them up on their own & It allows Gay couples to have Children which goes against many religious beliefs
2.3 Surrogacy is when a womens egg is fertilised by another womens partner
2.4 Test Tube Baby is when the baby is created outside the womens body
2.5 Disadvantages
2.5.1 High Costs Cause emotional problems for the child as they might not know who their real father is Cause Family Divisions and problems
3 Transplant & Blood Transfusion
3.1 Transplant: When someones organs are put into a patient. Blood Transfusion:when a patient is given extra blood as part of an operation
3.1.1 Transplant is when a faulty organ is replaced with a new well functioning one from someone who is has been declared brain dead Brain Dead: being declared dead after all brain activity stops Donar Cards: a form of permission for the donors organs to be used. People become donors as they think they are "helping someone live after they are dead" and help them live a good quality of life Animal parts can also be used- muslims accept this as a last resort. Animals such as pigs organs are used. Islam ( Qur'an) : 'If anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people'
3.2 Some people refuse having a donor card as they dont want to be burried or cremated 'Incomplete'
3.2.1 Islam and Judaism forbid desecrating or mutilating the body. But organ donations can be seen as lesser of two evil
3.2.2 Blood Transfusion is accepted in most religions but Jehovahs witnesses are against it as they say that our lives run in our blood 'for the creautres life is in the blood' Christianity Leviticus

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