Mr Edward Hyde

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Mr Edward Hyde
1 Descriptions


  • To all who witness Hyde, he appears somewhat deformed but in an undefinable way. This gives the impression that his deformity is intangible and mysterious. His character is beyond words, just as e is beyond morality or conscience.  
  • Hyde causes a certain reaction to all his observers such that he strikes fear into the hearts of those he encounters as well as instantaneously receiving their utmost hatred and repulsion.
1.1 "the haunting sense of unexpressed deformity"
1.2 "there was something abnormal and misbegotten in the very essence of the creature that now faced me - something seizing, surprising and revolting"


  • "abnormal" implies that there is something strange and unearthly in Hyde's presence.
  • "seizing" suggests that his appearance grabs you and does not allow you to look away.
  • "revolting" connotes him being horrid, disgusting and deeply unpleasant.
1.3 "he gave an impression of deformity without any nameable malformation"
1.4 "radiance of a foul soul"


  • This suggests that Hyde's dark nature is made obviously clear to his beholders just by his very presence.
1.5 Biblical reference
1.5.1 "like some damned Juggernaut"
1.5.2 "really like Satan"


  • Comparing Hyde to Satan - the epitome of evil and the symbol of all the sin and wrong doing of mankind - highlights Hyde's pure and relentless evil.
1.5.3 "if I ever read Satan's signature upon a face"
1.6 animalistic


  • Hyde is described as having an animalistic, primitive and savage nature.
1.6.1 "ape-like fury"
1.6.2 "snarled"
1.6.3 "hissing intake of breath"
1.6.4 "the animal within me licking the chops of memory"
1.7 "Evil besides had left on that body an imprint of deformity and decay."
2 Actions
2.1 Enfield's story
2.1.1 "the man trampled calmly over the child's body and left her screaming on the ground"
2.1.2 "like some damned Juggernaut"
2.1.3 "it was hellish to see"
2.2 The Carew murder
2.2.1 "ape-like fury"


  • Hyde is given animalistic qualities and it is as if he has resorted to a primitive state of cruelty. This is an example of how uncontrollable the dark side of human nature can be if it is not prevented from taking over and is not kept in control or tamed.
2.2.2 "insensate cruelty"
3 "all human beings, as we meet them, are commingled out of good and evil: and Hyde, alone, in the ranks of mankind, was pure evil."
4 "That child of Hell had nothing human; nothing lived in him but fear and hatred."
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