The Duality of Human Nature

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The Duality of Human Nature
1 "man is not truly one, but truly two"


  • This is DrJekyll's belief.
2 "severed in me those provinces of ill which divide and compound man's dual nature"
3 "a profound duplicity of life"
4 "thorough and primitive duality of man"
5 "in the agonised womb of conscience these polar twins should be continuously struggling"


  • This suggests that we are born with these characteristics and that they are genetically programmed within us; they are inseparable.
  • "polar twins" emphasises the complete opposition of man's dual nature: good and evil.
6 "all human beings, as we meet them, are commingled out of good and evil"
7 "man's dual provinces of good and ill"
8 Jekyll symbolises man's good nature while Hyde symbolises man's darker nature
8.1 Hyde gains power over Jekyll and he is unable to control his darker forces
8.2 Jekyll creates Hyde as the embodiment of his evil, however, Jekyll still remains both good and evil in nature. Therefore, Jekyll only succeeds in fully bringing out his dark side.
8.2.1 Jekyll does not embody virtue, as Hyde embodies evil
8.2.2 Jekyll manages to liberate his dark side from the constraints of conscience, yet cannot allow himself to be free from his darkness.
8.3 Jekyll and Hyde's contrasting personas demonstrate that there is good and bad within all of us and every human being contains opposing forces.
8.4 diametric opposition
9 "angel"
10 "fiend"
11 Symbolism
11.1 Weather
11.1.1 fog
11.1.2 light/dark
11.2 Setting
11.2.1 Jekyll's home
11.2.2 Hyde's home Soho
11.2.3 laboratory
11.2.4 the door

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