Dorian Gray, Critics

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Dorian Gray, Themes
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Dorian Gray, Critics
1 Mike Haldenby
1.1 "proclamation of Wilde's sexuality"
1.2 "Wilde wants Dorian's death to represent a glorious sacrifice, and the ultimate triumph of aestheticism"
1.3 "explores Wilde's own views on art"
1.4 "Wilde lays himself bare in his fiction"
1.5 "allowing his characters to articulate his own sentiments"
1.6 "His voice speaks loudly on every page"
1.7 "shamelessly promoting his corrupt lifestyle through his work"
1.8 "Basil Hallward represents Wilde's pure commitment to Aestheticism"
1.9 "Wilde's voice was most clearly heard through Wotton"
1.10 "Sibyl Vane evokes some striking parallels with his marriage"
2 Simon Callow
2.1 "morality was the preserve of lesser spirits"
2.2 "Wilde stands nakedly revealed"
2.3 "Hallward helped to create the monster of his own destruction"
2.4 "novel grips hard, sustaining a disturbing atmosphere of gothic suspense"
2.5 "seems to speak dangerously frankly of his own situation"
2.6 "dialogue walks on stilts"
2.7 "Wilde was a slave of beauty"
2.8 "depiction of Wotton is a self portrait"
2.9 "Dorian is the eternal boy with whom Wilde is eternally in love"
3 Anne Varty
3.1 "Epigram is not exclusively the symptom of Wotton's moral vision, but also of the corrupt aristocratic society"
3.2 "culture... leads a double life: it can see beauty and innocence, but knows they are irrevocably lost"
3.3 "Mephistophelean voice of Lord Henry"
3.4 "homosexuality is also represented as a possible force of redemption"
3.5 Vane's: "whole episode is written in a style that parodies the conventional melodrama of the period"
3.6 "extraordinary anthology of styles"
3.7 "Wilde is exclusively concerned with the effects of action, rather than action itself"
3.8 "mother is portrayed as a victim of the style"
3.8.1 "she has no other medium with which to represent life to herself"
3.9 "experienced cynicism of Henry's voice always makes him seem significantly older than Dorian"
3.10 "Throughout the novel, vice and virtue are described by the rhetoric of aesthetics"

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