Biology: Producing New Cells

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Biology: Producing New Cells
1 Cell Division
1.1 1. The cell grows to full size
1.2 2. The cell's nucleus splits into two
1.3 3. The cell's cytoplasm splits into two
1.4 4. Two daughter cells are produced
2 Nucleus
2.1 This is the control centre of the cell
2.2 This is where the information is stored
2.3 The nucleus is often refered to as the brain of the cell
2.4 The nucleus has chromosones
2.4.1 This holds the information of the cell
2.4.2 This is passed onto the daughter cells
3 Mitosis
3.1 1. As nucleur membrane disappears, chromosones appear
3.2 2. Chromosones are in the cytoplasm
3.3 3. Centrioles produce spindel fibres and equally line across the cell
3.4 4. Spindle fibres pull the chromosones apart
3.5 5. The centromeres split and so does the cytoplasm
3.6 6. Two daughter cells (containing the same amount of chromosones) are made
4 Chromosones
4.1 All human cells have 46 chromosones...
4.1.1 ...except sex cells. A sperm and an egg each have 23 chromosones
4.2 Not all animals have the same amount of cells
4.2.1 And all animal sex cells have half the amount of chromosones than any other cell in their body
5 Antibiotics
5.1 Antibiotics are antibacterial chemicals
5.2 Antibiotics were discovered by Alexnder Fleming
5.3 Antibiotics use mould to prevent the growth of bacteria
5.4 The first antibiotic was Penicillin made from a fungus called penicillium
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