75. Smells Evoke Emotions and Memories

Sara Custer
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Sara Custer
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75. Smells Evoke Emotions and Memories
1 Experience through the senses: eyes, ears, skin
1.1 routed through the thalamus
1.1.1 sent to the
1.1.2 appropriate
1.1.3 center in brain then you react appropriately
2 EXCEPT the Sense of SMELL
2.1 Sensory Data is sent DIRECTLY to the amygdala, where you process emotional info. It's also directly next to your memory centers. Hence why we react emotionally and have strong memories associated with smells.
2.1.1 With this knowledge of biology, companies adopt the function by utilizing scent machines within spaces to influence feelings and emotions. This could easily be part of an experiential designer's job description.
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