James Joyce Dubliners

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Created by andrewmanzi over 5 years ago
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James Joyce Dubliners
1 Araby
2 The Dead
3 Grace
4 After The Case
5 A Mother
6 Realistic Setting
6.1 Rarely uses Hyperbole
6.2 Understanding people and their environments
6.2.1 Doesn't tell people what to think Allows them to come to their own conclusions Lack of traditional dramatic resolution
6.3 Allows his narrative voice to gravitate towards the voice of a textual character
6.3.1 The Dead's opening line The narrative lends itself to a misuse of language typical of the character being described
6.4 Rarely uses First Person
6.4.1 Uses descriptions from the characters' point of view Empirical Perspective An understanding of characters is often given through an analysis of their possessions Detached but highly perceptive narrative voice that displays the lives of the characters in precise detail
6.4.2 Only in three stories The Sisters, An Encounter & Araby Narrator never divulges his name and rarely participates in conversation It's possible for a person to observe their own life from the outside
6.5 Strange and mysterious events occur that remain unexplained
6.5.1 Points to details and suggestions, but never completes the puzzle
6.5.2 Although these events may not appear profound, the characters' intensely personal & often tragic certainly are
6.5.3 Sketch daily situations in which not much seems to happen
6.6 Routine
6.7 Characters and events that were alarming similar to real people and places
7 The Sisters
8 An Encounter
9 Progression through Youth to Age culminating in the dead
9.1 Imagination in youth can mask experiences, but it cannot reverse them or make them disappear
10 Clay
11 All set throughout Dublin
11.1 Fulfilment and contentedness remain foreign to Dubliners
11.1.1 Unfulfilled adventures
11.1.2 All people experience frustrated desire for love and new experiences
11.2 Stories peer into home, hearts and minds of people whose lives connect and intermingle though the shared space and spirit of Dublin
11.2.1 A character from one story will mention the name of a character in another story
11.2.2 Stories often have settings that appear in other stories Such subtle connections create a sense of shared experience and evoke a map of Dublin life
11.3 A looking-glass with which the Irish could observe and study themselves
11.4 Ireland during the tumultuous 20th Century
11.4.1 Splintered into factions of Protestants and Catholic / Conservatives and Nationalists
12 The link between paralysis or inaction to both death and religion underpins all the stories in Dubliners
12.1 Characters face events that prevent them from taking action of fulfilling their desires
12.1.1 Experience a kind of death in life The Sisters The Death of Father Flynn Inability to talk about death An Encounter Narrator's inability to leave the man Scolding of Leo over the magazine Tensions between Catholics and Protestants
13 Significance of Titles


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