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1 Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006
1.1 Duty of Care
1.1.1 Who has duty of care? The owner/anyone who is caring for them
1.1.2 Who can enforce the act? SSPCA, Local authority inspectors
1.2 Care Notices
1.2.1 A notice of the situation of an animal and how it can be resolved, which is given to the owner
1.2.2 Penalties the animal is removed from thier care, owner maybe fined, the owner maybe banned from keeping animals.
1.3 Animal Fighting
1.3.1 DEFINITION - an occation on which a protected animal is placed with an animal or human for the purpose of fighting, wrestling or baiting
1.3.2 A person commits an offence if the person- keeps or trades an animal for an animal fight possesses equiptment for the use at an animal fight causes an animal fight to take place participates in: making or carrying out an animal fight arranging an animal fight including allowing premesis to be used accepting bets for the outcome of a fight publishes or supplies a video recoring of an animal fight
2 Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976
2.1 this legislation was passed because there was a rise of wild/exotic animals with the public
2.2 this caused problems when first implemented as people didnt know what to do with these types of animals
2.3 who needs a licence and who doesnt?
2.3.1 people who own a wild animal and do not show it to the public need a licence
2.3.2 circuses, zoos and wild animal parks do not need a licence
2.4 when granting a licence the inspector will check for:
2.4.1 previous knowledge of the animal in question
2.4.2 appropriate accomodation
2.4.3 sutible for neighbours
3 Dangerous Dogs Act 1991
3.1 it is illegal to keep the following types of dogs unless listed as exempt
3.1.1 pit bull terrier type
3.1.2 japanese tosa
3.1.3 dogo argentino
3.1.4 fila brasileiros
3.2 if classified as exempt they-
3.2.1 must be muzzled and on a leash whilst in public
3.2.2 must be neutered and not sold or passed on
3.3 problems with this act
3.3.1 they look at the breed not the nature and temperament of individuals
3.3.2 this gives these dogs a bad sterotype
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