Critical Readings of 'Macbeth'


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Critical Readings of 'Macbeth'
  1. G. Wilson Knight
    1. 'Here life forces are vividly and very clearly contrasted with evil'
      1. 'Fear is at the heart of this play'
      2. Samuel Johnson
        1. 'The danger of ambition is well described'
        2. Sigmund Freud
          1. Thinks that the Macbeth's psychological difficulties stems from the trauma of them being childless
          2. Jan Kott
            1. Argues that 'Macbeth' shows the absurdity of the world and that history is a nightmare
              1. 'Macbeth has only one theme: murder
              2. Marilyn French
                1. Sees the play as showing the victory of masculine over the feminine
                  1. At the end of the play there is a 'totally masculine world'
                    1. Males problems are solved by the elimination of females
                    2. Germaine Greer
                      1. 'Macbeth's vulnerability to the witches is not caused by excessive superstition on his part, but by corrupt desire which moves him to take a false step: he misinterprets the fact that two of their predictions have come true'
                        1. 'Macbeth is damnable because he is a hero'
                          1. 'His self-delusion is wilful'
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