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  1. Themes
    1. hypocricy of the church
      1. beauty is but skin deep
        1. the plight of the disabled
        2. Imagery
          1. Dwarf
            1. demoralising non-medical term
            2. Like a half filled sack
              1. dehumanizing, described and inaniminate
              2. she/her
                1. surprising gender chage
                2. Clucking Contentedly
                  1. compares the tourists to chickens
                  2. Tiny Twisted Legs
                    1. Hands on Backwards
                    2. Structure
                      1. 3 Stanzas
                        1. Stanza 2 - The Priests
                          1. Two sentences. Smug and hypocritical. Sarcasm used by the poet.
                          2. Stanza 1 - The Beggar
                            1. Long, complex sentences. Listing of beggars description. Brutal Language. Harsh but Vivid.
                            2. Stanza 3 - The Tourists
                              1. Two sentences. Starting with the tourists and contrasting back to the Beggar.
                            3. Circular Structure
                              1. Beggar - Priests - Tourists - Beggar
                            4. Juxtaposition
                              1. Church
                                1. 'Beautiful' on the Outside. 'Ugly' on the Inside.
                                2. Beggar
                                  1. 'Ugly' on the Outside. 'Beautiful' on the Inside.
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