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Mind Map on Ulysses, created by Polina Strich on 04/29/2014.
Polina Strich
Mind Map by Polina Strich, updated more than 1 year ago
Polina Strich
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  1. Interior Monologue
    1. = instrument used to translate mental activity in words
    2. Names and Meanings
      1. Stephen Dedalus
        1. name of the firts christian martyr
          1. wants to convert the Irish to the cult of beauty (Greeks)
          2. Leopold Bloom
            1. wanders around Dublin like Ulysses in the Mediterranian
            2. Molly Bloom
              1. at home like Penelope
            3. JUNE 16, 1904 the day, the whole story takes place
              1. two levels of narration = external and internal
                1. lakck of chronological order and punctuation and abscense of dialogs
                  1. immediacy
                    1. is also the day Joyce meets Nora and maybe his epiphany
                    2. 3 PARTS
                      1. First part = centred on Dedalus, alter ego of Joyce
                        1. Second part = dominated by Leopold Bloom
                          1. Third part = dominated by Molly, Leopold's wife
                          2. has no real plot
                            1. just lives of ordinary people
                              1. but every single moment matters
                            2. censured for obscenity in America and England and not published until the mid -30's and was first publicated in instalments
                              1. Similaraties with Homer's Odyssey
                                1. epic model
                                  1. used to stress the lack of heroism, love, ideas and trust in the modern world
                                    1. 24 hours day = 24 books of Odyssey
                                      1. 18 episodes = 18 incdents Ulysses had
                                      2. man's journey through life
                                        1. Dedalus: homeless and fatherless like Ulysses's son and he meets Leopold who becomes symbolically his father
                                          1. Penelope wanders through Greece
                                            1. Molly wanders through Dublin
                                          2. Molly's Monologue or chapter 18
                                            1. divided into eight long unpunctuated sentences, for a total of 30,000 words
                                              1. acceptance of life’s multifariousness
                                                1. Molly's thoughts, need and desires
                                                  1. typical of the more liberated figure living in Paris
                                                  2. unfaithful to her husband
                                                    1. importance of physical experiences
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