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1 Solar
1.1 the sun generates energy via nuclear fusion
1.2 used to heat water or air which can be then pumped around buildings
1.3 converted directly into electricity by photovoltaic cells
2 Biomass
2.1 uses organic matter such as wood and crops
2.2 energy is released by combustion
2.3 energy is released by fermentation to produce alcohols which can be mixed with petrol
2.4 energy is released by anaerobic digestion to produce biogas which can be burned
3 Wind
3.1 wind turbines convert the KE of the wind into electrical energy
4 Wave
4.1 the potential energy of the difference in height between the crest and trough of a wave is converted into KE for turning a turbine to generate electricity
5 Hydroelectric
5.1 when rain falls on high land the water has PE. As the water falls downhill, this is converted into KE which can be used to turn turbines to generate electricity- Three Gorges Dam in China
6 Tidal
6.1 This gravitational attraction of the moon and sun causes the tides to rise and fall. water held behind a barrage at high tide can be allowed to run back into the sea as the tide falls, turning turbines as it goes
7 Geothermal
7.1 Rocks deep underground contain elements that are radioactively decaying which heats rocks and turns underground rock into steam which can turn turbines for electricity generation
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