Energy Resources

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Energy Resources
1 Uses Of Energy
1.1 Cars
1.1.1 Fuel
1.2 In The Home
1.2.1 Gas
1.2.2 Electricity
1.3 At work
1.3.1 Electricity
2 Fossil Fuels
2.1 Coal
2.2 Oil
2.3 Natural Gas
2.4 Unsustainable
2.4.1 Being used faster than it is produced
2.5 Non renewables
2.6 Pollution from combustion
2.6.1 Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Gas Rising sea levels - Flooding might occur More severe weather
2.6.2 Sulfur Dioxide Acid Rain Kills forests and turns lakes and oceans acidic Loss of wildlife
2.6.3 Oxides Of Nitrogen Causes acid rain and is a greenhouse gas Photochemical Smog
3 Reducing Energy Consumption
3.1 Turn Down Central Heating (Thermostat)
3.2 Less time in the shower
3.3 Don't leave appliances on standby
3.4 Switch off lights when you leave the room
3.5 Use more public transport
3.6 Re-use and Recycle
4 Alternative Technologies
4.1 Nuclear Power
4.1.1 Nuclear fission releases lots of energy
4.1.2 Nuclear Plant Reactor Core Control Rods Fuel Rods Containment Coolant
4.1.3 Advantages Releases little CO2 so doesn't add to global climate change or the greenouse effect Doesn't give of oxides, sulfur or nitrogen so doesn't add to acid rain Large amounts of energy from a small amount of fuel - lower fuel and fuel transportation costs
4.1.4 Disadvantages Nuclear reactors originally used to make weapons - ethically wrong? Waste is very dangerous - continues to be radioactive for thousands of years There have been past accidents (Chernobyl) so some people think it is too big a risk
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