Power and Authority in Gaming

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Power and Authority in Gaming
1 Four Characters that represent problems faced in cyber video gaming.
1.1 What and who do they represent?
1.1.1 1) The Embracer:The guy who hits on her. Aka the taking the opportunity to be the creep
1.1.2 2) The Misogynist and resistence:The guy who does not want her in his team and verbally insults her
1.1.3 3) Embracer #2:The guy who welcomes and defends the girl who comes into his team.
1.1.4 4) Victim and breaker of social conventions:The girl who has been playing the game for a while.
1.1.5 Question: In what ways has cyber gaming created a culture of tension between it's participants?
2 Role of Technology
2.1 How is it used?
2.1.1 The Batman: Use of Anonymous identity to troll people Racism Age discrimination Sexism
3 Cyber Culture: Video Gaming

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