Wildlife Resources

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Created by 08sltebbutt over 6 years ago
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Wildlife Resources
1 Threats To Wildlife
1.1 As the human population has increased the number of extinctions has increased
1.2 Pollution, eg: oil spills kill birds
1.3 Hunting and collecting species for food, fashion, entertainment and furniture
1.4 Accidental harm by humans, eg: by-catch and roadkill
1.4.1 By-catch = unwanted species caught in fishing nets which have to be thrown back into the sea dead
1.5 Disease
1.6 Introduction of animals which act as predators, pests, competitors or that bring disease
2 Case Study Of Endangered Species - Tiger
2.1 Population has decreased by 95% over the past 100 years
2.2 Biggest threat is traditional Chinese medicines - they use tiger bone and tiger penis
2.3 Some sub-species have already become extinct, eg: the Caspian Tiger and the Javan Tiger
3 Habitat Destruction
3.1 For housing, agriculture, mineral extraction or reservoirs
3.2 The biggest cause of animal extinction
3.3 Case Study Of A Habitat Being Destroyed - Tropical Rainforest
3.3.1 Contain at least half of all species on the planet
3.3.2 Home to about 2 million tribal hunter-gatherers
3.3.3 Possible medical treatments in the plants found there
3.3.4 Both animals, plants, hunter-gatherers and the possibility of new cures are under threat Cattle Ranching New Roads New reservoirs Illegal Logging Soybean plantations Mining
4 Conserving Wildlife
4.1 Sampling
4.1.1 Quadrat 1m x 1m square

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