Argument from Religious Experience

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Argument from Religious Experience
1 Inductive Argument
1.1 If something is experienced, it must exist
1.1.1 People experience God God must exist This is not necessarily true - Subjective (the experience can't be verified) Contingent truth - If the claims of people having religious experiences are not correct, then the conclusion is not true Direct Awareness - You have experienced it therefore you know it to be true Mental Illnesses Intoxication Senses decieved
1.1.2 An Empiricist view Based on sense experience
1.2 As it is an inductive argument, it can never be considered as proof but can be persuasive
2 Swinburne's Theory of Testimony and Credulity
2.1 Testimony
2.1.1 The account of the experience Believe the person unless there is a reason not to E.g - lying would be beneficial to them, they are a known liar, they are mentally ill or they are intoxicated
2.1.2 Can be very certain with a group experience
2.2 Credulity
2.2.1 Credibility
2.2.2 The experience itself If 'x' seems present, 'x' is probably present Unless there is reason not to believe them, again
3 The Cumulative Argument
3.1 The idea that if you put all of the arguments for the existence of God together, it creates an argument that is total proof that God exists
3.2 Teleological/Design Argument
3.2.1 Cosmological Argument Ontological Argument (Existence) Moral Argument Religious Experience = Sound Argument
3.3 The counter for this argument is the Leaky Bucket argument
3.3.1 The idea that all of these arguments on their own are full of holes, putting them together doesn't fix the holes, it creates more

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