Strengths and Weaknesses of the Ontological Argument

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The basic Strengths and the Weaknesses of the Ontological Argument.

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Strengths and Weaknesses of the Ontological Argument
1 Strengths
1.1 Deductive and Analytic
1.1.1 a priori
1.1.2 It appeals to scientific people
1.2 If you agree with the original statement, 'God is Greater than everything' (paraphrased quote) it is logical.
1.3 Starting Point, definition is understandable to everyone.
1.3.1 Then you have to agree or disagree with it.
2 Weaknesses
2.1 If you do not agree with the statement, The Argument, it falls apart.
2.2 No evidence that God exists
2.2.1 If you can define it doesn't means it exists.
2.3 Russell/Kant
2.3.1 You have to proof that something exists before you add exist as a quality/predicate of them.
2.4 Process Theodicy believers
2.5 Just because you imagine something (like unicorns/island) doesn't mean it exists
3 Ontological vs Religious Experience
3.1 Ontological
3.1.1 based on 1 Statement
3.1.2 Same but 'different' examples
3.1.3 a priori
3.1.4 Logical, Mathematical
3.1.5 Definition can be Evaluated, etc.
3.2 Religious Experience
3.2.1 A posteriori
3.2.2 Different types of Religious Experience
3.2.3 No proof except for self.

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