Brendon Gallacher

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Brendon Gallacher
1 Subjects
1.1 Tells a story of her childhood friend, only at the end do we realise he is imaginary. When the narrators mother discovers this Brendon dies
1.2 Poem is partly autobiographical, the location and the details of the father describes Jackie's own life
2 Structure and Language
2.1 Form and structure
2.1.1 It is an elegy which is a sad poem written on the death of someone, is it the death of Brendon or for the idea of him or for a lost childhood
2.1.2 The poem is regular in form with 5 stanzas and five lines. So the lines are approximately the same length with similar numbers of syllables. At the end the final 2 stanzas are shorter which reflects the death of Brendon Gallacher
2.2 There seems to be a lot of repetition with Brendon Gallacher's name which gives it a sense of unity
2.2.1 She uses the possessive pronoun e.g. 'my Brendon Gallacher which emphasises the theme of loss when his name just appears 'Oh Brendon' the impact of his death is greater
2.3 Sound
2.3.1 Dialect words are in the poem to indicate a Scottish accent
3 Imagery
3.1 Brendon is associated with life outdoors, the only time he comes indoors is when he dies suggesting that the fantasy of him doesn't mix with the reality of her life
3.2 Brendon is a exotic glamorous figure removed from the dullness of the narrator's life, his Irish rather than Scottish and his father is a cat burglar, not just a thief
3.3 Jackie uses pathetic fallacy e.g. the rain that was pouring could reflect tears
3.4 We only have a physical description of Brendon at the end, gives more impacts to his death and makes him seem real
4 Attitudes, themes and ideas
4.1 The poem contrasts fantasy and reality to create a sense of escapism
4.2 The poem is spoken through the voice of a child
5 Comparison
5.1 Horse Whisperer
5.2 Clown punk
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