Hazard Hotspot: PHILIPPINES

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Hazard Hotspot: PHILIPPINES
1 The Philippines:
1.1 Pop: 97,000,000
1.2 7000 small islands
1.3 Belt of tropical cyclons
1.4 Lower middle income family
1.5 Lies on a boundary between two tectonic plates: the Philippines and the Eurasian
1.6 population densities are high: 240 people per km2
1.7 many are poor and living on the coast
1.8 This makes them vunerable to locally generated tsunamis and typhoon generated storm surges
2 Mount Pinatubo June 1991
2.1 biggest the world had seen for 50 years
2.2 sent a cloud of ash 20 km into the air
2.2.1 spread over south east Asia over 3 days The second eruption on the 15th of June was cataclysmic a dome on the side of the volcano collapsed creating a pyroclastic blast and huge lahars
2.3 some evacuees died in camps when they were exposed to disease
2.3.1 350 people died including 77 in the lahars
2.4 80000 hecters of farm land = buried under ash
2.4.1 disrupting livelihoods of 500000 farmers and their family members
2.5 economic losses were US $710 million dollars, mainly agriculture and property
2.6 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide were injected into the stratosphere, and dispersal of this gas cloud around the world caused global temperatures to drop temporarily (1991 through 1993) by (0.5°C).
3 Destructive plate Boundary
3.1 The Eurasian plate is subducted underneath the Eurasian, creating the deep manila trench
3.1.1 Plates move as a series of jerks- friction As the subducted plate melts in the earths mantle, the magma forms a magma chamber Combines with gasses and becomes explosive Magma solidifies below the earths surface and produces a solid cap over the volcanoes vent Pressure grows beneath it Erupts with huge force
4 Guinsaugon landslide
4.1 February 2006
4.2 Mudslide engulfed the village and its land
4.2.1 covering 3km2
4.3 killed 1150 people
4.4 CAUSE:
4.4.1 unseasonalbe torrential rain fell for 10 days in February normally the dry season
4.4.2 LA NINA cyclic ocean and wind current affecting south East Asia
4.4.3 2.6 magnitude earthquake
4.4.4 HUMAN Deforestation of native forest cover protecting the soil 50 years logging has reduced several million hectares of forest to about 600000 today shallow rooted trees
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