Durkheim's Functionalist theory

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Durkheim's Functionalist theory
1 Socialisation
2 Social control
3 Inevitability of crime
3.1 Every society has crime.
3.2 Crime is healthy part of society
3.2.1 Allows laws & regulations to be made
3.3 Found becasue not everyone is equal
3.4 Complex societies = differences between individuals
3.4.1 Anomie = loss of norms
4 Positive functions of crime
4.1 Boundry maintenance
4.1.1 Punishment = To reinstate societies rules
4.1.2 Done through courts Discourages others from committing crimes
4.2 Adaption & Change
4.2.1 Crime allows societies to change
4.3 Too much crime threatens to tear society apart
4.4 Too little crime measn theres too much control
5 Criticisms
5.1 Offers no way of knowing how much crime is the right amount
5.2 Crime does not always improve solidarity
5.3 Doesnt show how crime is functional fo rthe criminals
5.4 Soem people become isolated instead of being more included in society

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