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R.S revision
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1.1 drugs
1.1.1 what is a drug? a substance which, when taken, affects the body or mind. prescription drugs, legally obtained only with a doctors concent. illigal drugs, drugs which are illegal to possess, sell or use, put in to three classifications accoarding to their potentil harm and addictiveness.
1.1.2 drug abuse, using drugs in a way which harms the user. prescripbed drugs can have devistating effects if taken by people for whom they were not prescribed, taken in excess or with other drugs e.g alcohol. social drugs legal drugs which are still addictive, such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine ,etc. are legal but often age controlled. they are widely available and provide the government wirth a huge amount of revenue through taxation. EVEN THOUGH THEY CAN CAUSE DEATH.
1.1.3 religious beliefs none of the six majour religions permit their followers to take illegal drugs small groups within religions may allow drugs for specific reasons. a small group of hindu holy men take a mild form of cannabisas an intoxicant. a small branch of christians, rastafarians and the ethiopian coptic church allow cannabis because it is a natural herb that god provided. most are against illegal drugs and the misuse of prescription drugs, because they damage the body and christians and muslims compare the body to a temple created by god. if you damage it on purpose it is seen as a direct attack on Gods authority.
1.1.4 rights and responsibilities. we have the right to a doctor and medical care on the NHS. Some sell on drugs they have obtained from their GP that they no longer need others sell on drugs they have obtained from their gp through deception.
1.1.5 drug clasification three legal catigories by which illegal drugs are classified in britsh law according to the level of harm they do and how addictive they are. class A drugs, HEROIN ECSTACY LSD COCAIN CLASS B DRUGS CANNABIS (SPEED) AMPHETAMINES CLASS C DRUGS ANABOLIC STEROIDS TRANQUILLISERS

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