Murdock's functions of the family

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A-Levels Sociology (Families and Households) Mind Map on Murdock's functions of the family, created by WhisperedWishes on 05/10/2013.

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Murdock's functions of the family
1 Sexual
1.1 Approved by wider society.
1.2 Ignores asexuals and those with religious beliefs against sexual relationships.
2 Heterosexual
2.1 Must contain one adult male and one adult female.
2.2 Preferably married.
2.3 Ignores or disregards other family types such as gay or lesbian and lone-parent.
3 Work together and pool resources
3.1 Share domestic tasks.
3.2 Share income.
3.3 Valid in marriages, but not in parent-child families.
4 Reproduce
4.1 Ignores gay relationships, infertile men or women and those who don't want children.
4.2 They have at least one child.
4.2.1 Can be biological or adopted.
5 Live together
5.1 They share the same household.
5.2 Assumes anyone you don't live with isn't family.

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