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Business Plan
1 Front Cover
1.1 Description
1.1.1 Aims: Livery Yard, Holiday Facilities and Riding school
1.1.2 MIssion Statement To supply the complete riding experience
1.2 Start Date
1.3 Title: The King's Yard
2 Audience
2.1 Bank Manager
3 Market Research
3.1 Website: Published research on a gov website
3.2 Target Market
3.2.1 Young Riders: likely to want to ride and rich parents
3.2.2 Customer Base Local needs and nation wide needs
3.2.3 Competitor Analysis Other riding schools, riding holidays and livery yards In the Area Streghts and weaknesses Do we have a competative egde?
4 The Service
4.1 Clearly identify service
4.1.1 Indepth mission plan - Elaborate
4.1.2 Evivornmental issues?
4.2 Supply the product: Customer comes to us
4.3 Costings
4.3.1 How got to the price E.G. cost of raw materials plus 2.5%, by price of competators
4.4 Sales channels
4.4.1 To the customer
4.4.2 to sale outlets e.g. Thomas Cook
5 Phsical Resources
5.1 Premises
5.1.1 Lease rather than buy?
5.1.2 Rent/cost?
5.2 Equipment, supplies, machinery and vehicles
5.2.1 Buy or lease? Cost?
6 Human Resources
6.1 Sole traider, I run Business
6.1.1 Cost Length Where will it come from?
6.2 Other Staff
6.2.1 Labourers
6.2.2 Accountant
6.2.3 Training
6.3 Cost of wages
7 Finacial Forecasting
7.1 First year sales
7.2 Sources of finaces
7.2.1 Grants, loans, borrowing, sponsorship
7.2.2 Any other liabilities
7.3 Set up and running costs
7.3.1 Include staff
7.3.2 How much money needed for set up Asking the investor for Break it all down Premises cost (e.g. rent) Wages raw materials adverising costs transport costs
7.3.3 Operating costs direct costs Electricity costs Gas costs Rates
7.4 Predicted income (cash flow)
7.4.1 cash flow forecast table
8 Fiancial Management
8.1 How finaces will be managed
8.1.1 Needs to give confidance
8.2 How soon you pay your bills and how long you give customers
8.3 Record keeping methods
8.4 Check profitability
8.4.1 Develop and grow business
9 Marketing Plan
9.1 How market the service
9.1.1 already worked out advertising budget
9.1.2 Clear Plan to make people aware
9.2 Promaotion
9.2.1 Advertising TV ect
9.3 Competator pricings
9.3.1 Match or have it cheaper? Why?
9.4 Attract costomers
9.4.1 Keeping customers How much to keep them with you? Deals
10 Personal Survial Budget
10.1 Take from business to survive on
10.1.1 Realistic First year should be lower
10.2 How balence personal and business needs
11 External Influences and Contingency Plan
11.1 External inflences
11.1.1 How to over come these?
11.2 Plan B if it doesnt work

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