Bach Chorale Rules

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Created by epreston35 over 5 years ago
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Bach Chorale Rules
1 Note Doubling
1.1 Root position double the root
1.2 1st inversions double the root and 3rd
1.3 2nd inversions double the 5th
2 Spacing
2.1 There should be a large gap between the bass and tenor
2.2 The gap between tenor and alto should be less than a 12th
2.3 There should never be more than an octave gap between SA or TB
3 Leaps
3.1 ATB-don't leap more than a 5th
3.2 AT-keep static
3.3 B-Try not to repeat notes consecutively
4 Accidentals
4.1 Remember to sharpen the 7th in a minor key
4.2 Remember to add accidentals when modulating
5 Parallels
5.1 Avoid parallel 8ves
5.2 Avoid parallel 5ths
6 Suspensions
6.1 Prepare-Sound-Resolve
6.2 4-3 in V-V-I cadences
6.2.1 Do not add the 3rd in a V4 chord
6.3 the 7th in ii7b
7 Leading Notes
7.1 Never resolve to the 3rd
8 Awkward Intervals
8.1 Tritone
8.1.1 Occurs between the 4th and 7th in both scales
8.1.2 Occurs between the 2nd and 6th of minor scales
8.2 Augmented 2nd
8.2.1 Occurs between the 6th and 7th of minor scales
9 Passing 7th
9.1 Must be the 7th above the root of chord V
9.2 Do not add if the 3rd of the final chord is in the S

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