To what Extent does Cabot Circus enhance the retail experience of shoppers?


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To what Extent does Cabot Circus enhance the retail experience of shoppers?
  1. Primary Data
    1. Pedestrian Count
      1. Stood and counted people that cross imaginary line
        1. 5 minutes
          1. 8 stops - 200m intervals
            1. From both directions
              1. 175 in site 1 (outside CC)
                1. 69 in site 8 (in CC) due to the time of day visited
            2. Land use Identification
              1. Observation
                1. Leaflets/ guides
                2. EQS
                  1. highest quality- site 6 ( centre of CC)
                    1. Table taking into account different factors of EQ
                      1. Scale = (worst) -3 to +3 (Best)
                        1. Total EQ summed up for zone
                        2. Lowest quality- site 4 (end of broadmead)
                        3. Evidence of Management
                          1. Observation
                            1. photos/sketches
                              1. Annotation
                            2. Questionnaire
                              1. pragmatic approach
                                1. Attempted to ask every other person
                                  1. Wanted 30 results
                                2. main reason for being there= 62% shopping
                                  1. 61% prefered Cabot Circus
                                  2. Statistics
                                    1. Chi Square
                                      1. NH- All sites attract equal amount of shoppers
                                        1. RESULT- Some areas are more attractive than others
                                      2. Diversity Index
                                        1. Greater variety of shops in Broadmead.
                                      3. Sampling Techniques
                                        1. Systematic
                                          1. 8 200m intervals along broadmead + Cabot
                                          2. Pragmatic
                                            1. Questionnaire
                                        2. Secondary Data
                                          1. Shopping guides
                                            1. Galleries/ Cabot - Land use
                                            2. Background (See other)
                                              1. Rateable values
                                                1. web
                                                  1. Site 7 ( in centre of CC) had the biggest rateable value at £890/m^2
                                                  2. Comparison of land values
                                                  3. Location Maps
                                                  4. Conclusion
                                                    1. Does the Evironmental Quality Vary Across the CBD?
                                                      1. Yes, but not as drastic as expected. Broadmead responded to the development of Cabot Circus and has improved. This is to keep up with the shopping centre in terms of sales.
                                                      2. To what Extent does Cabot Circus enhance the retail experience of shoppers?
                                                        1. Does enhance retailing experience!
                                                        2. Does the shop type vary across the CBD?
                                                          1. Diversity index shows broadmead has a wider variety. Land use bar graph shows all types of land use, apart from florist and proffesional services. These could be outside the CBD.
                                                          2. How do shoppers perceive the CBD?
                                                            1. A desireable shopping city centre with two well known shopping developments. Questionnaire shoed people were divided between which area they prefered.
                                                          3. Evaluation
                                                            1. Further Development
                                                              1. Different data at different intervals (e.g 4 seasons)
                                                                1. Seasonal figures make a difference? ( like Christmas)
                                                                  1. Look at previous revenue figures to see if CC has brought something to the area.
                                                                    1. Look at development of Broadmead since 2008. This would show how the high street is competing with the shopping centre and what its doing to achieve that
                                                                    2. Background info
                                                                      1. Not all sources reliable, but secondary table evaluated potential bias.
                                                                      2. Fieldwork Techniques
                                                                        1. Worked with other students to get more accurate results (e.g Questionnaire)
                                                                          1. Pedestrain count- Hard to keep track in really busy areas.
                                                                            1. Only do it in one direction to reduce error in the future
                                                                          2. Data Representation
                                                                            1. Questionnaire- Open questions hard to quantify in order to represent the data.
                                                                              1. Bi Polar Analysis- Hard to identify less obvious data patterns when the lines follow a similar line
                                                                                1. Isopleth- Difficult to accurately draw, but good visual representation,
                                                                                2. Analysis
                                                                                  1. Analysis on the back of each method of representation. More accurate than a general analysis
                                                                                3. Other
                                                                                  1. Background information
                                                                                    1. Largest city in the SW England
                                                                                      1. Booming economy/ £500 million shopping center Cabot Circus - finished 2008
                                                                                        1. Economy once focused on shipping industry
                                                                                          1. River Avon/ Severn
                                                                                        2. Location choice
                                                                                          1. It was the closest city which allowed decent comparison between CBD shopping outlets
                                                                                            1. Easy access - M5
                                                                                              1. Cabot Circus recent devpt - comparison between high street and shopping center
                                                                                            2. Data presentation
                                                                                              1. Bar graphs - Rateable values
                                                                                                1. Isopleth - Pedestrian
                                                                                                  1. Divided bar graph - Landuse
                                                                                                    1. Bi-polar - EQS
                                                                                                      1. Pie charts - Questionnaires
                                                                                                        1. Photos/ sketches - Evidence of management
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