B1.1 Keeping healthy

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This is all of the first chapter of B1

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B1.1 Keeping healthy
1 Diet and exercise
1.1 Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, Fibres, Water
1.2 Metabolic rate- Speed at which chemical reactions take place in the body
1.2.1 ↑ If male, pregnant, younger or an athelete
2 Weight problems
2.1 Obesity
2.1.1 Arthritis, Type 2 diabetes, High blood pressure
2.2 Malnourished
2.2.1 Deficiency diseases
3 Inheritance, Exercise and health
3.1 Cholesterol
3.1.1 Needed for cell membranes and hormones
3.1.2 Too ↑- Risk of heart disease
4 Pathogens and disease
4.1 Bacteria - single celled organism
4.2 Virus - Smaller
4.3 MRSA
4.3.1 Resistant to antibiotics due to overuse.
4.4 Ignaz Semmelweis
4.4.1 Women dying from child bed fever. Doctors- Morgue→Maternity but they ≠ wash hands
5 Keeping Heathy
5.1 Droplet infection
5.1.1 Cough/Sneeze Contaminated food + drink
5.2 Direct contact
5.2.1 Through break in skin
5.3 Breathe in
5.3.1 Mucus- covers lung lining traps
5.3.2 Stomach acid distroys
5.4 White blood cells
5.4.1 engulfing pathogens
5.4.2 Producing antibodies antibodies attach to antigens on the bacteria (unique per pathogen)
5.4.3 Producing antitoxins Pathogens release toxins which these counteract
6 drugs vs disease
6.1 Bacteria
6.1.1 Antibiotics kill bacteria without harming cells
6.2 Viruses
6.2.1 Inside human cells so you would damage yourself
6.3 Penicillin
6.3.1 Alexander Flemming Left culture plates out to gather mould - mould killed Bacteria
6.3.2 Florey + Chain Used on humans and industrialised
7 Growing
7.1 1) Sterilise inoculating loop
7.1.1 2) dip loop in bacteria and spread across agar 3)seal lid to prevent contamination but not fully prevent anaerobic school 25°C so not harmful. Industrial < 47°C rapid
8 Vaccines
8.1 Jenner
8.1.1 Dead or weakened forms of disease E.g MMR -measles mumps and rubella
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