Significance of Safety culture

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Created by andywilce78 over 6 years ago
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Significance of Safety culture
1 The safety culture of an organisation is the way that all the people within the organisation think and feel about H & S
1.1 It can be defined as shared attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviours relating to H & S
1.1.1 Strong link between safety culture and H & S performance The safety culture of an organisation can be assessed by looking at indicators Indicators include Accidents Sickness rates Absenteeism Staff turnover Worker complaints
2 Positive culture
2.1 Majority of workers think and feel that H & S is important
2.1.1 Strong policy and leadership from the top Everyone works safely because they want to People work safely and there will be fewer accidents and ill health
3 Negative culture
3.1 Majority of workers think that H & S is not important
3.1.1 Poorly educated in H & S and see it as unnecessary or not important Lack of clear direction and leadership from management Workers behave unsafely because they do not know any better
4 Influence of peers
4.1 Established by the more influential members of the group
4.1.1 If a group is working safely then peer group pressure will keep most people in that group in line If a group is working unsafely then peer group pressure will force more workers to work unsafely the behaviour of peer groups exert on workers is a good indicator of safety culture In an organisation with a negative culture peer group pressure is driving unsafe behaviours and this has not been challenged by management

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