Sociology Unit 1:Family Diversity

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Sociology Unit 1:Family Diversity
1 One-person households
1.1 Big rise in the people living alone
1.2 increase in seperation & divorce
1.3 half of on-person house holds are pensioners
1.4 some parents cant afford to live together
1.5 Living Together Apart- in a relationship but don't live together
2 Child Bearing
2.1 children born outside marriage
2.2 women are having children later
2.3 women are remaining childless
2.4 decline in stigma
3 Lone Parent Families
3.1 (single parent households)
3.2 90% are headed by women
3.3 increased due to decline in stigma attached to births outside marriage
3.4 headed by women as they are the expressive role
3.5 mothers are single by choice
3.6 NEW RIGHT:working class mothers rely on benefits
3.7 stress,financial difficulties,poor health, low exam grades
4 Step Families
4.1 formed when parents form new partnerships
4.2 more children are from the womens
4.3 greater risk of poverty as often more children
5 Immigration
5.1 people moving into the country have created greater ethnic families
6 Extended Family
6.1 widespread kind of family
6.2 CHARLES- contact between mothers & daughters is high
6.3 geographically mobile- but contact through phone calls

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