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BTEC Health and social care Mind Map on unit 3 - INCIDENTS and EMERGANCIES, created by Lauren Cruse on 03/21/2017.

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1.1 Could be the result of poorly maintained areas
1.2 people in h&sc settings may be at more of a risk to getting injured from reduced mobility and lack or awareness of hazards
1.3 poor working practises can also be cause of accidents
2 Exposure to infections
2.1 people in h+s may be more susceptable to bactiral infections
2.2 poor enviromental conditions like lack of ventilation, no running water, create conditions where pathogens thrive
2.3 inadequete cleaning facilitys and poor hygeine encourages growth and spread of pathogens
3 exposure to chemicals
3.1 this can occur when people are exposed to hazardous substances, when carrying out day to day task, steralising equiptment
3.2 hazardous substanses are classified as very toxic, toxic, harmful, corrosive, and irritant
3.3 they can occur unexpectly from spills, handling and disposing not been done properly ect
4 aggerssive and dangerous encounters
4.1 acciedents can happen from this by individual hitting out, falling, someone who has taken drugs or abused alcohol.
5 fire
5.1 this can include knowing how to prevent firesfrom starting and spreading
5.2 they start if thses components are in the air; oxyegn, fuel, and heat
6 floods
6.1 in bulidings is usually from washing machiens, bath, tolets, pipes ect
6.2 from failure of maintance checks, misuse
6.3 raise risk of dieses caried by water
7 spillages
7.1 body fluids; blood, vomit, urine, faeses - lead to outbreak of infection and diesese
7.2 spills of waste; hazardous substances that can have consequenes on everyone there
8 loss of water supply
8.1 could mean burst pipe somwhere, leak in mains system- could be from failure of maintaince checks
8.2 can affect cooking, cleaning, washing, drinking
9 intruders
9.1 poor maintences there may be broken doors or window locks can lead to intruders
9.2 poor working practise, intruders may get access to place there not allowed to
9.3 protect privacy from intruders by passwords, and electronic files.
9.4 they dont only damage items but cause emotional upset, harm and threatn safety
10 other critical incidents
10.1 faulty electrical appliance may cause power cut
10.2 gas leak from faulty pipe work and appliances can lead to fire and explosions
10.3 bomb threats always taken seriously
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